Powador PV-pilot

Powador PV-pilot 1.1

It supports you in planning a PV-system, much like an airplane’s autopilot
1.1.1520 (See all)
KACO new energy GmbH

Powador PV-pilot basically works like the autopilot function in an airplane. Simply enter the location of the plant, type and number of modules, and the software tool will automatically find the path to the optimal design – including the projected yield and wiring suggestions.

Main Features:

- Combination of up to four sub-generators with different modules and module areas in a single project
- Unrestricted combination of sub-generators with any number of inverters and up to three different inverter types
- Usable design in just two steps using Quick Mode
- Comprehensive design for professionals using Expert Mode
- Manual design using Classic Mode
- Customer-specific inverter selection (Expert Mode)
- Integration of the generator junction boxes Powador Argus and Powador Mini-Argus
- Expandable database with approximately 7,000 module types
- Calculation of personal consumption
- Takes cos phi into account

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